With tremendous ecstasy and enthusiasm I would like to quote the lines

“The journey of thousand miles starts from a single step”

                   So, the first step is the most crucial step in the venture of long destination. With this quotation and notion I would like to extend my warm welcome to all the learners, learned, intellectuals and our part and parcel guardians, pivotal teachers and all the BPSians who are shouldering the responsibilities of school to achieve more and more success and laurels.

                   I feel great pride to see the children flourishing in the lap of BPS and adorning themselves with the jewels of education, consecration, mannerism, discipline and consequently turning themselves into challenging and responsible citizens of the nation.

                   This brochure is a horoscope of BPS that makes the guardians and students aware of all the requisite information and thus quenches their thirst of any further queries.

                   I don’t only hope but pin faith that Bihar Public School is worthy enough and rather pioneer to inculcate adequate education imbibed with positive attitude challenging aptitude competitive spirits and altogether education fully blended with human values.

                   Wishing you a scintillating career and Luminant future I would like to rap up the welcome note- “Don’t follow the footprints of others rather make your own foot prints so that others can follow you”


                                                                                                          Sign of Chairman